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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cowboy Junkies serenade the Center of the Arts, A

Last night, Canadian musicians Cowboy Junkies performed an intimate show to a packed crowd at the beautiful Center of the Arts in Homer, NY. The venue proved to be a perfect setting for the alternative country group who played for two sets to the dedicated fans in front of them.

Despite some scattered snow showers, the weather turned out decent for the show last night. Music enthusiasts filled the streets of Homer, NY with some coming as far away as Philadelphia to see the Cowboy Junkies. And they weren't disappointed. The Junkies performed a near two hour set at a venue that fit them like peas and carrots. The sound was absolutely perfect last night, you couldn't hear a pin drop the entire concert. Lead singer Margo was by far the highlight of the show, talking to the crowd more then ever and even gaining some chuckles throughout the night.
However, everyone in the five peace band was great last night, despite the random disappearance by bassist Al Anton. The musicians matched Margo's style with their own, blending together a laid back but harmonizing piece of music Friday night.
The two sets were nothing but interesting displaying two types of different music phases from the band. The first set included songs from a selective three albums, 'Open', 'One Soul Now' and 'At the Ends of the Paths Taken'. giving the crowd a deepened sense of connection with the band. While most of the songs were depressing and circled around nervous breakdowns, Margo kept everyone in good spirits as she joked throughout the night.
The band really opened with their second hit, performing hits like Sweet Jayne that delighted the crowd.
Even though it was mostly an older crowd, they was great as ever, and watching them as the band played you could really see how intensely they were focused on the musicians before them. Nobody was distracted or even picked up their cell phones the entire night, which is always a great thing.
That might be because of how well everything sounded. The guitar playing and Margo's voice sounded better and more crisp then ever, and hopefully more bands will come experience the greatness of the Center of the Arts in Homer, NY.
The concert was well worth going to, and everyone there knew they had witnessed a great time by the time Sweet Jayne was played at the encore.

The Crowd for Cowboy Junkies @ Center of the Arts in Homer, NY

 Margo from Cowboy Junkies pictured above.

 Bassist Al Anton

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