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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Side Pony is a much better listen to the 2nd time around, B+

From left to right: Bridget Kearney, Mike Mduck Olson, Rachael Price, and Mike Calabrese
Everyone's favorite indie pop jazz group from Boston is back with their new album, Side Pony. Although it might be holding back some of Lake Street Dive's pure talents, Side Pony is still fun to listen to, especially after the first listen.

It might not be their best album release, but 'Side Pony' is an album only Lake Street Dive can pull off. Yes, the lyrics are simpler than 'Bad Self Portraits', but there's still a wonderful mixture of music from these extremely talented musicians.
It's as if Lake Street Dive wanted a polished, finished piece of work and nothing more. That's what Side Pony sounds like. It's more fun then ever, and very dance friendly, but unfortunately, fans might be expecting a little bit more from the Boston group, especially Rachael Price.
Her voice is still there, but there even isn't a great demanding single song on the album like there was on 'Bad Self Portraits'. There isn't a 'You go down smooth' 'Seventeen' or 'Stop Your Crying' on the new record. Instead, 'Side Pony' seems to be a more sophisticated and calmer version of Lake Street Dive even when it's going at its strong point.
This doesn't mean it's not a good album. A group like Lake Street Dive almost certainly can never put out a bad record, but it's something to think about all around. While songs like 'Call Off Your Dogs and 'Side Pony' highlight the album, others stretch it out a bit too far and could be better with more deeper lyrics and beats.
It's not that 'Side Pony' isn't good, it's that these talented musicians can do more. If nothing else, the album is a quick breath of fresh air for the band and their fans, and is an interesting change from their previous release.
Music video for 'Call Off Your Dogs'

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