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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The 100 opens up for a fresh start in S3, A-

 Above: Clarke & Alexa in CW's the 100 Season 3.
Although it may not be as great as the first two season premiers, The 100 does offer viewers a more fascinating look inside of it's world. New characters and the return of new faces are only the highlights of the new season of CW's hit teenage Sci Fi drama, The 100.

By now, all of its fans know The 100 isn't another Vampire Diaries. It's exciting, full of action, mystery, suspense and even has a touch of Lost to it. This is what makes The 100 one of the best shows on television right now and certainly the best CW has to offer. Now, it's still going strong in its third season after the events of the explosive season two finale, giving us interesting prospective on the many changes of our favorite characters. The highlight of the show is Clarke, played by Eliza Taylor who picks up her acting as well for the third season.
What works best about 100 isn't necessary the amazing characters, but the world it's set in. And S3 opens that world up even more, keeping fans and viewers even more interested and compelled for what's in stock for this season. Another highlight of the new season is the character development between Murphy and Jaha in the city of light, and of course Alexa and her feelings towards Clarke.
However, the third season doesn't open nearly as strong as the other two. Yet, with great special effects and scene editing, there's not a season of the 100 so far that is no were near bad or not worth to watch.
The 100 is one of the shows making the CW one of the best networks out right now, along with Arrow, The Flash & IZombie. It's a teenage drama show for everyone else that doesn't want to go along with the pain of Vampire Diaries or CW's past history of shows in the category. The 100 works, and hopefully it's here to stay for at least a few more seasons.
Where can you watch it? 
The first five episodes of Season 3 are available to watch for a limited time on Hulu Plus and cable on demand.

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