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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Deadpool is not your typical Marvel movie, A-

Above: Deadpool in 2016's Deadpool
There is one thing everyone gets from leaving Deadpool. It is definitely NOT A KIDS movie. It's not your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. It's fucking Deadpool, and hey, it's actually pretty good once you quickly get that idea through your head.

Everything about Deadpool is satire. It's so full of it that it almost makes the movie over do itself, but not exactly. It balances the right amount of satire to insane violence and humor, all of which is helped by an amazing Ryan Reynolds, who even makes fun of himself several times in the film.
What makes Deadpool work is the actual satire and how unlike Marvel it is, even though it clearly is a Marvel film. It's rated R for a reason, and that was surprisingly a great reason. The movie would just be another super hero origins film if it wasn't rated R and had Reynolds in it. These two combinations is what helps make Deadpool redefine the super in Super hero. Dare we say it, but Marvel may be actually growing up along with its films, especially considering its recent additions on the small screen of Daredevil & Jessica Jones. And that's a good thing.
There's of course special appreciation towards the X-Men in the film, because without them, Deadpool wouldn't exist. Despite this, this also isn't an X-Men movie to say the least. It's Deadpool's own film, and we all get that clearly within the first two minutes.
For those expecting a rough, violent and over the top film-Deadpool is the one you've been waiting for, proving that some violent movies can be actually good especially combined with humor.
With his constant charm and swagger, Ryan Reynolds is excellent bringing the character to life better then anyone else could.
The only thing that the movie suffers from is that it almost over does it self, but somehow manages to stray away from doing this most of the time. Deadpool is a super hero film that is made for the fans to enjoy.

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