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Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman Vs Superman is good for the most part, B

Above: Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in 2016's Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Although the plot and storyline suffer, its the characters and fight scenes that make Batman Vs Superman a mostly satisfying super-block buster. You can tell film director Snack Snyder pulled out everything he has on this one.

Like any big super hero block buster, there are pluses and minuses (except for perhaps Ironman & the Avengers.) Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't a perfect film by any means, but there's enough mayhem and special effects to please most comic book fans. Known for his unique special effects, Zack Snyder goes all out in his new film.
There are many things wrong with it, but there's just as much good. The screen writing is pretty bad, and whoever did the story may need to take a few lessons from Marvel and the Dark Knight Trilogy. There are just some parts of it that doesn't make any sense, or that just continue without any conclusions.
Another unsatisfying note is that Amy Adams, even though she is an amazing actress, is no where near as convincing as Louis Lane. You can tell she is hardly trying or caring in this roll, a continuation from Man of Steel. And unfortunately, that's a big let down, considering there has been some great Louis Lanes over the years.
Apart from Amy Adams, the rest of the cast is fairly good, including an unusual Jessie Eisenburg as Lex Luther. He puts a 'crazy' spin to the character, and fits awkwardly in despite being half of Henry Cavill's and Ben Affleck's age.
Surprisingly, Ben Affleck is the film highlight. He does a great job as Bruce Wayne, and fans will be moderately impressed with his efforts. He isn't the best Bruce Wayne/Batman ever, but he is far from being the worse. As an older Batman dealing with anger issues, Affleck fits the role perfectly.
Another great thing about the film is the musical score and sound editing that goes along perfect with the tension and fight scenes throughout the movie.
The worse thing about Batman vs Superman is as if it's the entire movie is a 3 hour long movie trailer of things to come. It leads so many stories open, which is no surprise, but it would have been nice to have more conclusions to this story.
Of course, the fight scenes are over the top, especially the last half of the film and final battle of Batman, Superman Wonderwoman and Doomsday. It's nice to see Doomsday finally being put out onto the big screen in a big way, as well as Wonderwoman.
Despite its many flaws, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is actually a good flick and worth going to.

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