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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Creed is one of the best Rocky films ever, A+

Above: Stalone and Michael B Jordan in 2015's Creed
With powerhouse performances by Stalone and Michael B Jordan as Adonis Johnson Creed, the new Rocky film brings new life to the franchise that's satisfying more then ever.

For those Rocky fans that think this franchise is over with, think again. Newcomer director Ryan Coogler (Fruitville Station) does an exceptional job with the seventh film, bringing something great back into the franchise the last few movies have missed. Creed is not only one of the best Rockies, but one of the best films of 2015.
Everything about Creed just works perfectly. Surprisingly, the film proves now is the best time to bring Rocky back into Hollywood and onto the big screen. What makes Creed so awesome is how well it brings the franchise up to speed with modern times.
Die hard fans might be disappointed that the film isn't centered around Rocky, but they also know that hey, Rocky is an old guy now. There's just no way he can get back into the ring again which the film points out several times. Instead, he's a trainer, and the balance between him and new comer actor Michael B Jordan is exceptional. Instead of Rocky going into the ring, Apollo Creed's son takes center stage.
Ryan Coogler is excellent as Adonis Johnson. His performance makes you want to root and cheer for him, especially during the epic boxing match at the end.
However, even though Stalone is a side character in Creed, he couldn't be more convincing as Rocky. He does an amazing acting job, especially because of the things the character is dealing with in the film that surprisingly isn't so simple.
How director Ryan Coogler brings Creed to the modern era and audiences, as well as paying tribute to the older Rocky films, makes it astounding and well worth it to watch for any Rocky fans.

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