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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Get the Led Out rock out the Showroom, A

Last night, Philadelphia based Get the Led Out rocked the Turning Stone Casino's Showroom once again. The band performed great, with a near two hour set that got the crowd cheering and singing along to some old time classic Zep tunes.
A sold out show welcomed Philadelphia natives Get the Led Out to the Turning Stone Casino's Showroom this weekend in Upstate NY. Although there were mostly older crowd goers there tonight, that didn't stop them from singing along to their favorite Zep songs on a Friday night. It was a show well worth going to, proving that GTLO is one of the best Led Zeppelin cover bands that fans can truly enjoy seeing and have a heck of a fun time.
As Paul Sinclair often points on, "Were not here to impersonate Led Zeppelin, we are fans just like all of you." This was definitely the case Friday night in the Showroom.
Anyone in the audience can tell the band was having as much fun playing their music as the crowd was watching them, and that's when you know you are in for a good show.
It was a welcome surprise that the concert went over the Showroom's usual time limit.
"Zeppelin has such a vast catalog of music, we obviously can't play it all in one night, but we do change the set lists," Sinclair proclaimed. However, this setlist was similar to the band's concert at Saranac Brewery this past summer except of course, for a few song changes.
That being said, the setlist was good as always for a GTLO concert. The band rocked out to some of Zep's greatest hits like 'Immigrant Song', 'Good Times Bad Times' and 'Ramble On'. Of course, the night couldn't be complete without 'Stairway to Heaven'.
As always, the sound was near perfect in the Showroom, which was a huge benefit with a band like GTLO. Unlike their Saranac show this past summer, the sound wasn't earsplitting loud and it was conferable listening to at a great level where you can still hear everyone and every instrument in the band clearly.
The group played each Zep song to a T without missing a beat, and that's why they are one of the best Zep cover bands around.
Paul Sinclair hits Plant's High notes extremely well, while at the same time adding his own unique style to the vocals.
Get the Led Out: The American Led Zep Experience were great this past weekend at the Turning Stone, and fans of the original band won't be disappointed when seeing them live wherever they play.
Get the Led Out, Friday, April 29, 2016, Showroom, Verona, NY
Immigrant Song
Good Times Bad Times
Custard Pie
Ten Years Gone
Babe I'm Going to Leave You
Ramble On
Nobody's Fault but Mine
 Going to California
The Battle of Evermore
In the Evening
Moby Dick
Down by the Seaside
Houses of the Holy
Misty Mountain Hop
Stairway to Heaven
Whole Lotta Love

Photos by Leo Pareti

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