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Monday, May 2, 2016

Deftones get back to form with Gore, A-

Heavy metal titans Deftones have released Gore, their eighth studio record. While it's not a perfect album, Gore proves that Deftones are still around and stronger then ever.
It's been four year's since Sacramento based metal group Deftones released the critically acclaimed Koi No Yokan. Now the band is back with Gore, a beautifully released record that puts a new look and sound to metal more so then they've done in the past. The band has returned to their basics while at the same time throwing some new and thought provoking ideas to their fans and listeners.
Ever since their beginning, Deftones has shown that they are not your average metal band. Gore proves this and much more, leaning towards their more experimental side. You can really hear Chino Moreno's vocals throughout the record exceptionally well, and the guitar work never gets tiring. It's almost a catchy Deftones album.
Fans will absolutely love Gore because it stretches the band to new levels in a good way. Simply put, it's a beautiful record with emotional and heart felt lyrics in every one of the songs. Of course, Deftones never goes beyond their core dark edge which is present at all times especially with such tunes like 'Phantom Bride'.
Deftones is a band who keeps releasing better albums then the ones they started out with, which is always a great thing. While some may argue they might be past their heyday, Gore proves otherwise.
What's interesting about Gore is how complex it is, and how each song is vastly different from one another. In that sense, the group has made made a truly beast of a metal album that might go down as one of their best releases.
Gore isn't perfect, and it may not be as great as Koi No Yokan, but it's an interesting new side of Deftones that fans can relate to and enjoy while listening to every track on the record.

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