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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keith Morris & the Crooked Numbers rock out with 'Dirty Gospel' A

Virginia based multi-genre artist Keith Morris has released his third album release with the Crooked Numbers. The result is a surprisingly good rock felt record, with touches of later day Bob Dylan.

Although the album is named 'The Dirty Gospel', the newer record by Keith & The Crooked Numbers stretches across multiple genres. What's interesting and fun about listening to it is each song is almost in an entirely different genre by itself. The album of course is helped by Morris's great voice which really shines from beginning to end.
Most importantly, Morris and some of the album sound like something out of Bob Dylan's later day releases, and that surprisingly is a good thing. However, the multiple genres gives The Dirty Gospel it's own unique rock sound.
Unlike many other Gospel albums, Keith Morris's new release is in your face and live more so then any of other work with the Crooked Numbers. Fans of his will be pleasantly surprised. There are some impressive heavy weight Gospel songs on the record, including 'Pale Moon.'
Cab Galloway is a great catch tune as well with impressive back up work from the Crooked Numbers.
Dirty Gospel is also a very emotional album, as most songs on it were written after Morris's brother committed suicide a few years prior, although the songs are anything but dark and depressing.
Dirty Gospel is a gospel album for people who don't necessarily have to like or listen to Gospel all the time. It's a great record to break into Morris's body of work and Virginia's music scene.

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