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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Jungle Book is pure Disney magic, A+

Bill Murray as Baloo and newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli in 2016's The Jungle Book
Once in a while, a film comes along that changes how movies are made. This year, that film is the Jungle Book, a marvelous CGI adventure that proves Disney is at the top of their game.
With a perfect voice over cast, the Jungle Book is one of those rare films where nothing is wrong with it. Everything about it comes along at such a great pace that by the end of it, almost every viewer will be satisfied, heartfelt and even a bit emotional too. The amount of detail in Jon Favreau's Jungle Book is simply awe inspiring and will make it go down as a great achievement in modern film history.
The highlight of the film is the CGI, where everywhere you look, there is something beautiful to see. All the animals in the Jungle Book are crafted so well that they look better then real on the big screen, especially the tiger and the wolves.
Although new actor Neel Sethi doesn't shine too much as Mowgli's, he does look the part exceptionally well from the boy from the cartoon and stories.
Every voice over actor is perfectly cast in this film, from Scarlett Johansson to Bill Murray. It's wonderful hearing your favorite actors as some of Disney's most classic animals.
You can tell everyone in the film really paid attention to detail and respected the original storyline of the Jungle Book as well.
It's a great new adventure that will open up this beloved film to today's audience, both young and old. You certainly don't have to be a kid to fall in love with the new Jungle Book movie.
The Jungle Book is also a marvel to see in IMAX 3D, which really brings out the detail even more onto the big screen. Even so, the movie is one of those films that you have to see it on the big screen, and the 3-D works really well from beginning to end.
Filled with action and surprisingly human emotion despite the film lacking in mankind's presence, the Jungle Book is a must see movie for all.

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