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Monday, April 4, 2016

Snow & Orange: Rusted Root Jam out the Showroom, A-

Above: Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root performs Saturday, April 2nd at the Showroom, Turning Stone Casino. Photograph by Lou Sorendo
This past Saturday night, Turning Stone Casino was packed with a sea of orange for people excited about the SU men's college basketball game. It also brought a spring snow storm hammering through Upstate NY from the west. However, these factors didn't stop Rusted Root from selling out the Showroom at the Turning Stone Casino this past Saturday night.

'Go Orange' Rusted Root lead front men Michael Glabicki proclaimed at the end of their concert as the much highly anticipated ball game started going under way. 

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania roots rock band proved that the game wasn't the only thing on everyone's mind Saturday night. They rocked out the Showroom, providing one of the more times the small capacity venue has seen in a long time. 
It wasn't just people there at the Turning Stone that wanted to go to a show. The crowd consisted of die hard fans from the front of the venue to the back that continued to dance throughout the entire set.

Let's be honest, when you go to a Rusted Root show, you go to dance, or at least nod your head. The crowd Saturday night at the Showroom consisted of mostly younger people, with surprisingly more females then male in attendance. From the first song to the last, at least half the crowd were getting up, jumping and dancing to their favorite group, and that's what made the show Saturday night.

Of course, Rusted Root were great as well. At first, it didn't seem like the Showroom would be a good fit for this outdoor, festival favorite band. However, after the first song, Rusted Root blended in well with its surrounding.
'They are one of those bands with a following, and that following will go with them wherever they play,' observed lead photographer Lou Sorendo for Wildfire Reviews & 55 Plus Magazine.

Lead singer and guitarist Michael Glabicki was exceptionally good, his voice being on fire throughout their entire set. While some new songs were thrown in, the band played fan favorites like 'Laugh at the Sun' and 'Ecstasy.'  A good but toned down version of 'Send me on my way' was the highlight for the the encore that evening.

One of the best things about Saturday night's show was it sounded excellent. You couldn't ask for a better sound, and you could hear every instrument and vocals amazingly well no matter where you sat at the Showroom.
The negative thing about the concert was how short it was. With a jam band like Rusted Root who are known to play lengthy shows, it would have been nice to hear a longer set, however, due to regulations, the group only performed for half that time.

Despite the hour and fifteen minute set, it was still worth going to by a long shot, and Rusted Root packed in a bunch of fun in the short time they had.
Rusted Root are always great to see live, and never disappoint no matter where they are.
Photographs by Lou Sorendo

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