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Friday, April 15, 2016

The White Album is classic Weezer, B+

Leave to Weezer. Those beloved band geeks are back with yet another new record, the White Album. With it, they've stayed true to form and can still rock a good tune.
While the White Album may not be as great as their previous effort, Everything Will be Alright in the End, it's still classical Weezer. Fans surely won't be disappointed with the friendly and satisfying guitar rifts, River Cuomo's vocals and of course Patrick Wilson's drums. The band is in great form throughout the record, and for the first time in many years, Weezer has gone back to their original true self.

Weezer loves self titled albums ;) they've previous released The Blue Album, The Green Album, and The Red Album so it's a no wonder that they've now released the White One. And while it's short, the White Album is a reminder of those previously released records. It's Weezer in their classic hay day even before Pinkerton.

There's some really classical tunes on here that's a more in your face Beach Boys sound then anything else. 'California Kids', 'L.A. Girls' and 'Endless Summer' are a kind of slap in your face notion to the Beach Boys, Weezer style. In the album, Rivers keeps giving back to his fans more then ever.
However, The White Album is far from perfect or even a great record. It's not Weezer's best album, but it is one of their better ones they've released the past dozen or so years.

The album is pretty short as well, and it ends fairly abruptly, having true fans want even more.
And while there are some great songs on the album, others are just mediocre, giving a mix taste in your eardrums.

That all being said, it's still a Weezer album. Weezer albums aren't meant to be perfect, but none of them are essentially bad either, and the White Album continues this thread. True fans surely won't be disappointed with this one.
Below: new Lyric video for 'Thank god for girls'

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