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Monday, April 11, 2016

A night of metal rocks the Montage, A

Although a bit of April snow drifted over Upstate NY again this past weekend, that didn't stop a group of metal bands to rock out to a sold out show at Rochester's The Montage. The event proved that metal is far from dead, and as several fans shouted out, these guitarists can sure shred it.

It doesn't take a lot to sell out the small capacity venue The Montage. For those of you that haven't been, the venue screams metal as soon as you walk into the darkened place with a stage opening up to a standing room area. It was no surprise then that Sunday night's show consisting of three great metal bands The Sword, Royal Thunder and Ithaca's Ire Clad jam packed the venue. Despite it being packed, the crowd was in good spirits and there was no fighting, proving everyone can get a long at metal shows.

Ithaca based metal group Ire Clad were actually one of the better ones there Sunday night at The Montage. With a thirty minute powerful set, they proved they can rock out as much as Royal Thunder or as much as The Sword. However, the one thing that off set the concert was how incredibly loud they were-it was loud enough to make your ear drums bleed, and even loud for a metal concert. The other two bands didn't have near as loud speakers as Ire Clad, which mellowed things out a little bit.

Royal Thunder was an interesting mix to the line up Sunday night. The Atlanta, Georgia experimental metal group wasn't the best out of the night, but they turned some heads. Lead singer Miny Parsons rocked out with the band, wearing an impressive outfit that matched the band's progressive style of metal. However, there were some microphone issues which didn't allow Miny to truly bring out her impressive vocals that she's known for.

The toned down microphone plagued the Sword as well. However, that was the only disadvantage to the group. Although you couldn't hear John D Cronise that well, the guitar and drum work throughout the entire set was fantastic. When you think of metal, this is what a metal performance should be. John and guitarist
Kyle Shutt were by far the highlight of the evening, making playing their guitars look almost easy as they constantly jammed out, getting the crowd going more and more.

The crowd itself was great. A large moshpit opened up throughout most of the Sword's set, surprising in such a small venue like the Montage. The fans there gave the Sword applause and energy from the first song to the last, and in return, the band amplified that by ten.

The Sword are a fantastic live band worth going to see, even if you don't know their music that much or are a fan of metal. Any music fan can appreciate the great guitar work by both John D Cronise and Kyle Shutt.
All photos by Justin Gorelick
All Photos taken at the Montage in Rochester, NY Sunday, April 10th, 2015
Ire Clad

 Royal Thunder:
The Sword

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