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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Civil War isn't the best Cap movie but still awesome, A-

The past several films from DC & Marvel have shown there are great super hero movies and not so great ones. While Civil War is great, it isn't the best Captain movie. However, it successfully shows how one can produce an awesome film with lots of supes.
There's one thing Civil War does great, and that is to entertain to the maximum level. Marvel enters phase three of its cinematic universe with a film that shines and really highlights all of it's amazing characters, especially new guys Antman, Spiderman and Black Panther. However, Civil War isn't the perfect Marvel film or even the best Captain America movie. Yet it still makes everything work extremely well on multiple levels and has something that many DC films fail to give: Joy.

Several things plague Civil War from making it a perfect Marvel film. The first one is, while the film successfully manages to introduce new characters, Spider-Man's new Aunt Mae is the farthest thing you would expect from the original character, even in the last few movies. On the flip side, Civil War does a great job managing to introduce the new and very young Peter Parker back onto the big screen after two franchises. New actor Tom Holland does a decent enough job as his first on screen appearance with the character.

The great thing about recent Cap movies is how thought provoking they are as well as filled with action and lovable characters. The Russo bothers, who directed Winter Soldier, continues with this motive with Civil War while creating a healthy balance between too much of everything and not too much. Their touch on the comic book franchise should be well noted for future films.

You might come to think that since theirs more Avengers in Civil War then Avengers 2 that it's an Avengers movie. It's not. While Iron Man and the rest of the gang make entertaining on screen appearance, throughout the film the Russo Brothers make it clear that this is a Captain America movie to the heart. And that's what matters.
Captain America: Civil War is a great super hero film filled with joy, entertainment and fun while at the same time giving the fans thought provoking ideas like friendship and honor. It's a fantastic way for Marvel to introduce phase three of it's cinematic Universe. And let's face it, after seeing Civil War, we all can't wait for the new Black Panther film!

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