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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lemonade is a masterpiece, A+

2016 is the year of the surprise albums. With Lemonade, Beyonce has not only crafted the best album of her career but a complete masterpiece, truly showing the best of this artist's amazing talents.
There are a very few albums these days that just leaves you breathless at the end. Lemonade is one of them. Even if you aren't a fan of Beyonce or R&B, you can enjoy every song on the album and really get a sense of what the 34 year old female musician has been going through these past few years.
Everything about Beyonce's music in the past has been emotional, but with Lemonade, it goes to the next level. Each song hits home in a truly different way from the Jay-Z based 'Pray You Catch Me' to African American rights in 'Freedom'. Beyonce covers everything on this album from love to hate to revolution and it truly shines.
What works best about Lemonade is how visual the album is. Each of these songs creates a movie in your eyes as you listen from the first track to the last. You can really see everything and Beyonce's own story in the music.
Beyonce's voice is of course on target and stronger then ever. You can hear the great different ranges of her vocals, especially with songs like 'Forward' featuring James Blake.
Another thing about Lemonade is how vastly different it is from Beyonce's other work. It's almost as if the R&B singer went indie. While some may argue this is a bad thing, for her it's just the opposite. The musical transition and transformation on this album is simply incredibly and works great in every way possible.
One thing for sure. Even if somehow you don't disagree with Lemonade, above everything else it proves how much of a superstar Beyonce is. She's a Prince for the modern era. It's surprising, although the music is different, Lemonade feels like a great Prince album like 'Purple Rain.' This is of course, because of the visuals the album and each song has to offer, but also show similar Beyonce and Prince are  in their own unique ways.
One last final great thing about the new Beyonce album is how well the guest stars fit in. Each of their songs highlight the best of each individual artist and Beyonce herself, making them great to listen to.
There is nothing wrong with Lemonade from start to finish. It's 2016's best album of the year so far, and a great way to dig into Beyonce's discography if you aren't a fan yet.
Below: the new single Formation from Lemonade

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