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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Their new album is an eerie turn for Radiohead, A-

 The acclaimed British band Radiohead have returned after six years with a A Moon Shaped Pool. The album is one of the better releases the band has come out with in their later career, and like every album they've done, it covers new and interesting territory.
Unlike other Radiohead albums, A Moon Shaped Pool revolves around an interesting theme. Magic, folklore and the darkness of the 1960s reflect heavily upon the eleven songs. Thome Yorke and company are stronger then ever, making the world know that Radiohead are back and certainly not dying out anytime soon. While it maybe not their best album ever, A Moon Shaped Pool is one of their most interesting pieces of work they've ever done.
The new record one is perhaps the most darkest, desolate, dreamiest music they've done. From 'Burn the Witch' to 'Desert Island Disk' and 'Daydreaming', each song has it's own eerie uniqueness that separates them from the rest of Radiohead's work. Even Thome Yorke's vocals are more unusual then ever before, fitting right in with the type of music that's on a Moon Shaped Pool. Most shockingly, his vocals never get strung out or strained from beginning to end.
Like Beyonce's Lemonade, A  Moon Shaped Pool is also Radiohead's most visual album to date. Each song forms a moving picture in your head when understanding what they're really about.
The only downside to the new record is that it is slow from the first to last song, and it may scare away some new fans. However, it's slow for a reason, and that reason shapes in well with what the record is trying to say.
Besides being rather slow, the new Radiohead album is a gorgeous piece of art that points the band in new and interesting directions that all fans will love.
Below: the new Radiohead video for 'Burn the Witch'

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