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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fallen Angels is a breathe full of fresh Air, A-

Heading alongside the visionary path of albums this year, Bob Dylan does it just as great as everyone else with Fallen Angels. Surprisingly, it's one of his best album in recent years and a great turn de force for the legendary folk singer.

Fallen Angels is great to listen to from the first song to the last. The best thing about it is that Dylan actually sounds pretty decent on every track, much better then he had over his past few new releases. The new record is just as great as Silent in the Night, Dylan's last studio effort in 2015, if not better.
Dylan is back and stronger then ever with Fallen Angels. Dylan goes back to his roots to provide an album that's musically powerful, both lyrically and instrumentally. It's a glow that reminds us who Bob Dylan is and that he isn't fading away just yet.
The best thing about Fallen Angels is how passionate it is. It seems to flow with passion as each song is a story in itself, classic Dylan style.
Listening to it is like stepping back in time to the 40s and 50s where emerging artists are giving the birth to folk and rock and roll.
Fallen Angels is a prime American record, with a touch of American society in that tame.
Even though it's released as a new record, Fallen Angels does sound vaguely familiar to Shadows in the Night. Both albums show how musically inclined older Dylan is in many ways in the 21st century. In fact, this new record was recorded around the same time as Silent in the Night, making it an almost impressive double record.
The main difference and the best thing about Fallen Angels is most of the songs (except one) were released by Frank Sinatra.
This of course, makes the new record surprisingly slow for Dylan, but at the same time, a fascinating listen.
The result is ultimately that Fallen Angels is a more classier and jazzy side of Dylan that we've seen in recent years.
It also proves that the man is ever more evolving then ever before, making new fans along the way as well as satisfying old ones. In truth, Fallen Angels is a great new record from Dylan that over shadows last year's record, Silent in the Night.

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