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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lindsey Stirling to release 'Brave Enough' in August

Arizona native Lindsey Stirling will release her third studio album 'Brave Enough' on August 19 following the huge successes of 'Shatter Me' and her first record, 'Lindsey Sterling.' Based upon her new song and youtube video, 'The Arena', 'Brave Enough' will continue to explore Lindsey's deep exploration of dance, violin and dubstep.

Lindsey Stirling has announced just a few hours ago that her new studio album, 'Brave Enough' will be coming out this August. For anyone that's been to one of her concerts, any fan should know that any album release or new music from this incredibly talented musician is highly anticipated. 'Brave Enough' is no exception.
Like 'Shatter Me', 'Brave Enough' will feature a handful of special guest appearances by well known artists, including Christina Perri, who sings on the title track 'Brave Enough'. Perhaps this iconic duet will just be as good if not better then Lindsey and Lizzy Hale.
Youtube sensation Lindsey Stirling's career sky rocketed when she released Crystallize, a different take on the modern day music video that was filmed in real ice caves in Colorado. Crystalize now has over 150 million views on youtube alone
Always a dancer as well as a musician, Lindsey began doing both at a very young age. Now at the age of 29, she's ready to release her third studio record, 'Brave Enough'.
Here's the track listing of the new album:
"Lost Girls"
"Brave Enough" (ft. Christina Perri)
"The Arena"
"The Phoenix"
"Where Do We Go" (ft. Carah Faye)
"Those Days" (ft. Dan + Shay)
"Hold My Heart" (ft. ZZ Ward)
"Mirage" (ft. Raja Kumari)
"Don’t Let This Feeling Fade" (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Lecrae)
"First Light"
"Love's Just a Feeling" (ft. Rooty)
"Something Wild" (ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness)
"Gavi's Song"
'Brave Enough' will be released on August 19. You can see Lindsey Stirling on tour this summer throughout the United States. In the mean time, you can listen to the Arena here:

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