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Monday, July 4, 2016

Phish puts on a finishing touch to a 3 night stand at SPAC Sunday July 3, A-

Some things go together great, and others perfectly. Phish 4th of July weekend at the historic Saratoga Performing Arts was one of those perfect moments. For the third night, although Trey might have been off key for some short moments, the experience was amazing and one to remember.
Phish's weekends at SPAC have become legendary, and this year, it fell on the 4th of July. And with the case of almost all 3 night stand concerts, Phish was no exception in fulfilling the final night to one epic grand finale. The concert wasn't perfect, but it was far from horrible. Music legends Mike Gordon, Page Mcconnell and Jon Fishman kept the beats moving when Trey seemed a bit off for some songs.

Even during the two sucker punches of the night, 'Heavy Things' and 'Tube', Trey did sound a bit weird with some of the guitar riffs that unfortunately didn't meet up to regular Phish standards. However, he seemed to get exceptionally better as the night wore on. By the start of the second set, Trey Anastasio was back on fire and on true form. The crowd gasped as he ripped through power house songs, including an eighteen minute version of 'The Moma Dance', 'Joy' and 'Twist'.

The best thing about the last night of PHISH at SPAC was of course the iconic setlist. The band played rarities, 'Heavy Things,' a song they normally they do not play live. The Vermont jam band also debuted six new tunes as well.

The crowd was fanatic. As each song broke out, everybody continued getting more and more pumped. It was as if the entire venue was static electricity by the time the band played the second song on their second set. Indeed, 'The Moma Dance' was also one of the highlights of last night as the band played an impressive eighteen minute version of the song that didn't falter one person in the crowd.
The crowd surprisingly consisted of younger concert goers under the age of thirty. There were just as many females in the attendance as there were males, and everyone was standing and dancing the entire time. It was a Phish concert, after all.

Bassist Mike Gordan stole the show from Trey, proving he's a powerful force of Phish now more then ever.
As the night continued, everyone knew they had witness a special and unique concert with a set list that would have made most Phish fans jealous. The 3rd night of PHISH at SPAC may have been the best. Even the security guards at the venue seemed to be excited to be there. It was a holiday pre night worth remembering at one of America's most beautiful music venues; SPAC (Sarotoga Performing Arts Center.)

Phish-July 3 2016-SPAC
Set 1:
1) The Wedge
2) Heavy Things
3) Tube
4) Sugar Shack
5) Lawn Boy
6) Sparkle
7) Sample in a Jar
8) It's Ice
9) Guelah Papyrus
10) Ocelot
11) Scent of a Mule (with Fuse on marimba lumina)
12) Possum

Set 2:
13) Soul Shakedown Party (Bob Marley Cover)
14) The Moma Dance
15) Twist
16) Joy
17) Breath and Burning
18) Axilla
19) Theme from Bottom
20) Harry Hood
21) Show of Life

Rock and Roll (Velvet Underground Cover)

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