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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hell or High Water is a great modern day western, A-

Above: Ben Foster (left) and Chris Pines (right) in 2016's Hell or High Water
Although it may not be as great as many critics are saying, Hell or High Water is a bold film filled with great acting, amazing backgrounds and is an eye opener to what life is like in the Texas midlands.
Sure, you can see the usual summer blockbusters like Star Trek and Jason Bourne. Some of these might even be good, but the majority of great films that are released in the summer fly under the radar. High or  High Water is no exception. The film is beautifully set in the midlands of High Texas and features excellent performances by Chris Pine and Ben Foster. It may not be the perfect western, but this little indie film may be one of the best times you'll have at the movies this summer.
Jeff Bridges has had an amazing acting career, and even now, he's been in some terrific films over the past decade. However, even his character of a Texas Ranger that's about to be retired is over shadowed by Pines and Foster's excellent performances. The two actors really make the film and feel for their characters. Foster does an exceptional job as Pine's crazy older brother who will stop at nothing in order to help his little brother out. But the acting in Hell or High Water isn't the only thing that makes it an enjoyable film.
The character development, story line and directing are also top of the line. High or High Water is a western with heart. There's funny moments, but also sad and depressing ones as well.
If anything else, the film is a stunning eye opener to what life in the Texan midlands is like. Surprisingly, even though the film is about bank robbers, it makes you almost want to cheer them on especially at the ending of the film. At the same time, you also feel a great connection towards Bridge's character and his partner.
Hell or High Water has it's flaws, including being slow at some parts, but when it picks up, it's highly entertaining. Fans of westerns will love this modern day bank telling tale. The film also makes you think about several ideas it touches upon, and that's what a great film is suppose to do.

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