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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sausage Party is funny, but what's going on no one's idea but yours, B+

Above: The food characters in 2016's Sausage Party
Sausage Party is the new cartoon animated film from Seth Rogen and company. As you might have guessed it, it's laugh out loud with larger then life characters, however, there is ultimately no point to the film and to see it more then once is a little extreme.
From the very first scene to the last, Sausage Party isn't your average cartoon. It's one of the most highly offense films you will see in theaters this year. However, there's so much laugh out loud moments throughout the movie that the offensive parts will wear off. Surprisingly, there's lovable characters and a story line that makes Sausage Party a somewhat decent film. Unfortunately, the ultimate conclusion is that the movie in itself is entirely pointless, offering no satisfying conclusions or thoughts.

But, that alone doesn't make Sausage Party a bad film. In fact, everything about Sausage Party makes it an unique movie that movie goers will enjoy-especially people in their 20's and Seth Rogen fans. Seth Rogen never fails to supply good story lines and original ideas to his films, and this continues with Sausage Party.

Who would have thought sexually obsessed talking food would be the next big thing to hit movie theaters?
After watching the film, it's almost surprising that this movie made it to the big screen at all (an interesting concept that also includes several of Rogen's films like the Interview.)

It's also interesting in ways that Sausage Party's iconic food characters are completely different then those from Pineapple Express and Neighbors. Or are they? The voice overs are of course, perfect for their rolls, including Kristin Wigg as Brenda and Jonah Hill as Carl.

Sausage Party is clear and obvious that Rogen and company wanted to make something different. What sounds like it would be a complete disaster is actually just the opposite. It's not a perfect satire movie by any means, but it will please Rogen fans by the handfuls and might even make some new ones for Hollywood's favorite stoner actor down the road.

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