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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Young the Giant's new album takes new direction, B+

Although there's striking resemblance to Coldplay's Chris Martin, Young the Giant's new album, Home of the Strange, is a bold new step, taking the band in new directions.
Young the Giant is possibly everyone's favorite new group. Now, they've just released their third studio album, Home of the Strange. The album is completely different from the group's previous records. However, each song on the album follows a surprisingly new genre. There's some twists and turns to Young the Giant's new sound, but whether or not original fans will like it is up to them. Above everything else on this record, vocalist Sameer Gadhia sounds better than ever, truly demonstrating full power of his vocal chords.

Surprisingly, the new direction Young the Giant has founded is more pop then anything else. With beats that sound similar to Depeche Mode and vocals that eerily follow in the footsteps of Chris Martin, it's an interesting new turn for the alternative rockers.

Each song on Home of the Strange shows how extremely talented Young the Giant really are. In a sense, it's a great album from start to finish with every song following different paths. The first song is radio friendly by any means, and from that point on the album continues to put on a great new grove. It's as if the band wanted to do several albums in one, and in this case, it actually works.

The biggest negative thing about Home of the Strange is the departure of Young the Giant's guitar work into more synchronized pop sounds. This is a huge disappointment, because it's the guitar on their previous records that made Young the Giant who they are today.

The highlight song on the record is perhaps Amerika, which really shows off their new change yet still having some original sound left. The other songs are very different, especially the last tune on the record, 'Home of the Strange' which ends on an upbeat feeling.

Over all, the new direction Young the Giant is taking may disappoint some original fans, but it's nonetheless an interesting approach that may lead to better stand out albums in the future and more promising sound.

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