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Friday, September 2, 2016

Stranger Things is fascinating in it's own way, A-

Although Stranger Things might not be the best Netflix television show out there, the show is fascinating in it's own way, creating a world that everyone can like and enjoy.

From start to finish, Netflix's Stranger Things is exciting, upbeat and wonderful to look at to say the least. What's wonderful about Stranger Things is how truly entertaining it is. It's such a joy to watch and fall in love with it's characters that it maybe one of the best shows Netflix has released for some time, however, it has it's own flaws, and it isn't perfect. It feels like some of Steven Spielburg's original works with some thrills thrown in, a monster drama where the people are just as real as the monsters.
The best part of Netflix's Stranger Things aren't necessarily the characters or the special effects but the screenplay and storytelling. If your not watching it for the thrills and monsters, watch it for that reason just alone. It's fascinating storytelling as if newcomer directors the Duffer Brothers are reliving their childhood past. It's a constant reminder of everyone's childhood, something that everyone can relate to.
With similarities to X Files and Twin Peaks, Stranger Things is starting it's own cult and for good reason. The episodes are heartwarming and fascinating each in their own way, and although it's one story, each episode is different in their own way.
The cast is wonderful in Stranger Things, and there is some fine acting to be seen here as well.
Stranger Things itself becomes bigger then the genre in it's, creating it's own world in the sub genre.
It's one of those things you just have to watch for yourself, and when you do, you'll be delighted you finally gave it a try.
Stranger Things might not be as great as Daredevil or Orange is the New Black, but it's a Netflix drama everyone can sink their teeth into and come out feeling satisfied.
Where can you watch it?
All episodes of Stranger Things are only on Netflix

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