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Friday, September 9, 2016

Wilco's Schmilco is a pleasant turn for the band, A

While it could be presented as Star War's more sophisticated act (Wilco's 2015 released record), Schmilco is a different side of the band not seen or heard from in a long time. The new Wilco album shows how immensely talented they are as a group and one of the most interesting rock bands of the modern era.
It's hard to believe Schmilco is Wilco's tenth studio record. The lovable indie rockers from Chicago have had a long and fascinating career, and nowadays, the band is as great as ever. The new record shows a promising future for the Chicagoians, and although it might not be as dance friendly and upbeat as some of their previous records, it's a great piece of music that everyone in the band partakes in.
Different then most of their albums, Schmilco is a silent beast, lurking in the shadows until once you discover it, you're amazed by it. The music is much more quieter then Wilco's last few records, but this just takes the group to a talented and great new level that works wonders.
The highlight of the record isn't just one song but the song writing in nearly every tune. Wilco have always shown creativity with song writing, and on Schmilco, it boldly stands out.
The album itself is a much more intimate side of Wilco. Each song is a slower version of the tunes they normally release. However, the slower melodies create a new vibe to the music that's wonderful to listen to and enjoy.
It really is a great album to listen to from start to finish, with no song being the best or worse. As you listen to the record, you can really hear the care in song writing and musical compositions. The melodies sound fantastic.
Despite it being so different, Schmilco is a record that most Wilco fans will love and will be wanting to hear more from the group in the future. It's a great tenth studio album release that shows Wilco isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
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