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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Andrew Bird charms Higher Ground, A

Last night, Chicago indie favorite Andrew Bird arrived in Burlington on a cold fall night. "I haven't been feeling well...", proclaimed the singer song writer."...but when I arrived in Burlington this morning, and took a nice bicycle ride down to the lake while drinking a cup of coffee, everything became better."

There's something about Burlington, VT that artists love to experience. To no surprise, most that play there have a habit of moving to the city.. It's a great city with a good music scene, and small club Higher Ground proved an excellent place to host Chicagoian Andrew Bird.

Andrew Bird is a charmer. He looked great when he came on stage in a suite and tie, and constantly made faces to the audience throughout his set. His back up musicians in the band are fantastic. However, it's Bird's voice that was the highlight of last night.

Bird's vocals are unique and one of a kind. They are powerful and match extremely well with the type of music he performs. The front man is an incredible musician because not only do his vocals soar, but he also plays guitar and violin. His vocals didn't miss a beat and were as powerful as ever when he performed songs like "Pulaski at Night", which was a highlight of the evening.

Besides his vocals, Bird is an incredible violin player. The best moments of the show was when in fact he switched his electric guitar to the violin, jamming through a great set list of songs.
It happened to be a great set list last night at Higher Ground as well for Andrew Bird fans. The musician played songs throughout his career, with a few from the new record tossed in. He even played a tune from his early days that they just started playing on this tour, which was a pleasure to see live and fans loved it.

Another great moment of the night was Andrew's second song when he performed 'Capsized', really getting the crowd into his mesmerizing performance.
Andrew Bird is one of those artists who's music are so much different live then on the album. While both are great, live is an entirely new amazing experience. It's beautiful music and a pleasure to listen to live.

It helped that the Higher Ground has one of the best sound systems in Burlington. You could hear every instrument clearly last night, and especially Andrew's vocals.
However, everything wasn't perfect. Unfortunately, Mr. Bird continued to mess up some notes on several songs, and you can tell he was almost embarrassed it by it as he had to stop the band from continuing on during those moments as he tried getting his notes right. Despite those moments, this almost made the concert even better with people shouting words of encouragement from the crowd. "Call 9-6!" someone jokingly called out.

Mistakes like these proves that acclaimed musicians like Bird can make mistakes, and when they do they cover from them extremely well. Most of Andrew's songs are extremely hard to perform, and it's amazing how well he plays them live.
Bird's performance at Higher Ground last night was unique and special. The packed crowd got to see amazing musicians perform a wonderful violin led set in front of them that would have pleased all music fans.

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