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Monday, October 10, 2016

Ash Vs the Evil Dead remains a classic in S2, A+

Above: Bruce Campbell returns as the acclaimed character Ash in STARZ's new series
Ash is back!  Like the original season, season two stays true to everything Evil Dead, providing fresh, funny gory action that all horror fans can love.

This time around our beloved characters return to Ash's hometown with the second season of Ash Vs the Evil Dead. Ash Vs The Evil Dead is a completely different show then anything out right now, but that's because it's the Evil Dead. The show is so in tune with it's characters, themes, and story arcs that it might be one of, if not the best new series on television right now.

For the first time, and perhaps this is a good thing, the second season of Ash Vs the Evil Dead makes the show unique in it's own way. It branches out from the original movie concept and becomes a powerful show all on it's own. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't still appreciate and connect with the first films-there's plenty of references throughout the show that refer to Ash's pleasant times at the cabin.

The best thing about Ash Vs the Evil Dead is how well it's done. These guys and gals are having great fun doing this show. We can almost say that it's too gory with the constant blood gushing scenes in every episode. But wait a minute. This is the Evil Dead were talking about, a franchise that may hold some of the most bloody scenes in all of horror. What's great about it is Ash Vs the Evil Dead's creators know what their working with. While too much blood might be over done, it's over done for a reason. It's horror, but it's also comical, something that these guys combine extremely well.

Like another completely different show, The Flash, Ash Vs the Evil Dead really know it's characters. Just after the first two episodes of season one and you know that although Ash might be the center piece of the show, he isn't the only main character. Newcomer actors Dana Delorenzo and Ray Santiago are great coming back as Ashley's two sidekicks, Pabla and Kelly. Dana is a huge horror fan herself and actually had requested even more blood scenes. There's also some new characters in season two that make the show fun and interesting as well.

Ash Vs the Evil Dead has returned full force with all the gore, laughs and insanity that the first season had. It might have even picked up the pace a little bit, showing everyone that this is a show that not only well respects its source material, but is a ground breaking new event that not just horror fans can sink their teeth into.
Where can you watch it?
You can watch all shows on your local cable provider, or on Starz's add on addition with Amazon Prime.

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