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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kings of Leon release a decent new record, B

The Nashville Tennessee hard rockers Kings of Leon have released their seventh studio album, :Walls:. By now, these guys know what their doing, and while "Walls" isn't there best record ever made, it isn't there worse either.

It's safe to say mostly everyone that listens to music has heard of Kings of Leon. The band seemed to explode from playing afternoon slots in festivals to headlining them over night. The group has a wide range of great albums, and for this band, it's hard for them to release an entirely bad record. It's a no brainier that these guys are talented, and it shows on the new record.

Walls takes Kings of Leon to a more professional look and sound then ever. before. All the sounds on the new album are richer then anything they've released in a while. The rawness of the group is still there, but it's as if the band has taken it to the shop and tuned it up a bit.

That being said, unfortunately, there's nothing really new about "Walls". It sounds like Kings of Leon. However, that sound has been with the group since they exploded onto the best selling charts with "Because of the Times". Kings of Leon are a band that likes to keep things professional and safe. Their songs on the new record lean heavily on the pop grunge side of things, similar to when they released "Come Around Sundown."

One of the highlights of Walls is that lead singer Caleb Followill never misses a beat with these new songs. His voice is dominant, as it always is. Caleb's vocals are an instrument of their own, much more powerful then the guitar or drums in the band on this new record.
The most catchiest new tune on the record is by far "Around the World", a tune that utilizes all the band's strengths in full force. You can tell that every member of the band put their effort into this song, making it perhaps the best on the record.

Although many rock bands like Kings of Leon broaden out their music and turn towards pop, it's clearly evident that this group has been playing what the record company wants them to play. In reality, there's nothing wrong with that, and these new pop friendly songs is what keeping the group so popular.

However, what the band really needs to do is return to their raw form. Their tunes where Caleb's screams and growls are connected with the rest of the band so much that it's hard not to like their earlier, more heavier music. Even if they don't want to return to that sound, it be interesting to see the group take the band into a new direction other then the constant familiar sound they've been using for the past few records.
Below: The newest single from "Walls"

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