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Sunday, October 16, 2016

9 best T.V. shows you should be binge-watching right now

Above: Bruce Campbell flies into Season 2 of Ash Vs Evil Dead
As we come down to the final quarter of 2016, here are the top ten T.V.'s shows you should be bing-watching right now, Wildfire Review style

1) Ash vs the Evil Dead
Although it's based on a film series, Ash Vs the Evil Dead is so well done even non horror fans will appreciate it's hilarious and horrific atmosphere. How can you not love Ash and the ridiculous chainsaw hand that makes Ash Vs the Evil Dead so lovable? Of course, you have to at least watch the first Evil Dead movie (NOT THE REMAKE) in order to understand what's happening.
Where can you watch it: On your cable provider's network, or Starz subscription on Amazon Prime
2) The Flash

Yes, by now, most fans can agree The Flash is better then Arrow, and for good reasons. The characters in the Flash are all people we can connect to, that are some ways, just like us. Even though the Flash has super powers, he's much more a human character on screen then any one on the show Arrow.
Where can you watch it: The first two season are available on Netflix
3) Bates Motel
If your trying to decide what thrilling, creepy show to get into, Bates Motel is the one for you. Although it's another show based off of a movie, Bates Motel does things right. The set pieces in the show are stunningly similar to the movie, and the show really expands on Norman Bates character, as well as the town the motel is in.
Where can you watch it: The first three seasons are available on Netflix.
4) Gotham
Gotham is returning for it's third season, so what better chance to start binge watching a show that's about Bruce Wayne when he was little, shortly after his parents were murdered. If that wasn't enough a reason for you, Gotham focuses on the origins of all the Batman villains,
Where can you watch it: The first two seasons are on Netflix.
5) Planet Earth
The Second season of Planet Earth is finally coming out, so if you haven't seen the first episodes (even if you have), now is a great time to revisit one of the best television shows ever made.
Where can you watch it: The first season is available on Netflix.
6) Preacher
If you haven't seen Pracher by now, then you definitely need to. It was one of the best new shows that premiered this year, and the fact that it actually does vampires justice in a flooded genre should be a reason alone to catch the first season.
Where can you watch it: The first season is available to rent or buy on Blu Ray or Amazon
7) The Last Man On Earth
The Last Man on Earth is returning for it's third season. While it spawned several sit comes about the end of the world, this was the original that featured a well acted cash about the Apocalypse-and it's funny as all hell, too.
Where can you watch it? All episodes of Last Man On Earth are on Hulu Plus
8) Daredevil
By now, everyone has seen one of Netflix' acclaimed T.V. marvel T.V. shows. If your like a lot of ans out there and seen Jessica Jones, then you should watch Netflix's better half, Daredevil.
Where can you watch it? All episodes are available on Netflix
9) Bojack Horseman
Speaking of Netflix, now is the perfect time to catch up one of the most odd ball shows out there that just happen to be one of the best on television right now-Bojack Horseman.
Where can you watch it? All episodes are available on Netflix.

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