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Friday, October 14, 2016

Timeless is a fun, campy new sci-fi show, B+

Patterson Joseph, Abigail Spencer, and Matt Lantern travel back in time in NBC's Timeless
Although it can be goofy at the best of times, Timeless is nonetheless a promising new science fiction show that will hopefully expand more on it's interesting premise.

It's a concept that's been done dozens of times before. Someone wants to travel back in time and rewrite history. Over the past decade or so it's been the highlight of many science fiction stories from both the small and big screen. NBC's new series, Timeless, doesn't change this factor that it's trying to tap into an over used genre. However, in doing so, this actually strengthens the show because let's face it, when it's done right, time travel can be one of the fun things to watch.

Timeless is a throwback to one time travel was something new and brilliant to watch. It's a reminder of one of the best science fiction trilogies of all time, Back to the Future. Although the two are completely different from one another, the way the show represents itself is an eerie connection.
It's also a pleasant break from the romance time traveling that's been hitting small and big screen lately. Instead, Timeless leans heavily into action. The action helps pick up the pace and keeps viewers interested.

The highlight of the show isn't necessarily the characters, nor the special effects or the direction, which are all pretty decent in their own rights. It's that Timeless doesn't care what you think about it. It actually wants to be goofy in it's own way. While it doesn't win a prize for originality, it does offer something fun and enjoyable to watch on a Sunday night, and that's what counts the most.
On a side note, the characters are actually interesting, and Timeless makes you want to know more about them and what might happen next. Abigail Spencer also pulls off a decent acting job as the lead heroine of the show.

Science fiction fans might want to actually give this new time travel show a test, because sometimes you might find something good in the haystack.
Where can you watch it? 
The first two episodes can be watched via your cable network or Hulu Plus.

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