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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Who's Bad break into the Rusty Nail, A-

Last night, Who's Bad paid tribute to the late king of pop with an energizing show at Stowe's Rusty Nail. Stowe's historic concert venue proved to be a good fit for the band as an attractive crowd of dancers showed off their moves throughout the night to some of the best songs in pop music.

A cold wintry, and snowy wintry evening didn't stop people filling up the Rusty Nail for the kick of New Years Eve weekend. People were energized and wanting to dance to some of their favorite Michael Jackson songs. The historic Rusty Nail, a very old school log cabin style building dance hall, seemed to be the perfect fit. With a small to medium sized dance floor in front, Stowe was waiting for Who's Bad, who previously never visited the town while touring.

But up first was the extraordinary new jazz soul group Smalltalker. These brilliant young group of jazz pianists got the crowd going and swaying to their groovy, smooth and slower tunes. The sound from each instrument from both bands sounded great last night at Rusty Nail.

The kids in Smalltalker looked like they were having fun performing their music, and that's always what matters. The two ladies in front were both beautiful and extremely talented vocalists.
Combined with a classic jazz sound like Steely Dan combined with Snarky Puppy and you might get something that sounds similar to Smalltalker, which might become the new talk of the town soon for music festivals and jazz enthusiasts.

The headliners came on stage rather late, but that's because the first band played for an impressively good amount of time. Of course, News Eve weekend tends to bring the late crowd out as well. It was surprising to see how different the two groups sounded next to year other, but seemed to be a good paring nonetheless.

The guys of Who's Bad came on stage dressing and looking the part, that's for sure. And one thing that no doubt was true is that these guys can dance. However, perhaps one thing that was even more interesting to watch last night was the crowd.
The crowd were great dancers, especially the women who wanted to impress with their skills. The ladies of Stowe and Vermont were looking exceptionally well that night.

"Were here because we want to pay tribute to the king of pop, MJ, and celebrate his life," proclaimed lead singer James Times. The band played an impressive and amazing set of Michael Jackson tunes. They blasted everyone away with hits like 'Smooth Criminal, Beat it and of course, Billie Jean.
New Years Eve and Michael Jackson just fit together too well, and last night proved this by a long shot.

The crowd was mostly youngsters wanting to spend the night out dancing and showing off their moves. Surprisingly, it was a mostly female dominated crowd, but the few males that were there loved it just as much and were dancing even more then some of the girls.
Who's Bad proved that they are one if not the best Michael Jackson tribute bands around. They are a show well worth going to see and dance too.

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