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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Westworld is a fascinating new sci fi western drama, A-

Above: Rachel Evans Wood as Dolores in 2016's Westworld.
Although it might not be as great as some other HBO shows, Westworld holds it's own, offering the viewer a chance to dig deep into it's fascinating world.

There is one thing that Westworld is, and that is it's not your average television show. In fact, it's really unlike any thing else on the small screen. For the first time, HBO has opened up to science fiction and the result is a visually stunning yet intense show that will leave fans of the source material pleased and satisfied.

There's something everyone has to do while watching Westworld, and that's pay attention. Like the park and the robot the show's based on, there is an intense amount of detail around every story line and character in the show. However, the show brilliantly makes this into great character development and direction. It's wonderfully directed and the camera work is excellent, making Westworld a top notch HBO show.

However, perhaps the best thing about Westworld isn't the visuals or fascinating story line but the world it's part of. It's so fascinating that your instantly drawn in from the very first scene to the last. It's like a magnet, and soon enough, you'll wish you were in Westworld like those who visit on the show.

Besides the world, a great thing about this new show are the actors and list of talent involved. Both Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins do a fantastic job with their characters with brilliant acting. Also, Rachel Evan Wood does an impressive job as the girl next door Dolores, who like all characters on the show has a ton of secrets.
Secrets is what keeps Westworld going and make the viewers captivated with every episode of the show.

However, it's not a perfect show nor HBO's best in recent years.
The show can be confusing at the best of times, and if your not paying attention just for a minute you might get lost in the story lines of the show. The shows episodes are unusually long too with most of them being well over an hour's running time, each one of them similar to being a short film. In other words you need to have some time before watching this one.

For the most part though, HBO's new sci fi western show Westworld is beautifully done, wonderfully acted and brilliantly directed. It's a great turn for the network who needs a big comeback after Game of Thrones departure. Westworld might be that link that will draw Throne's fans into it's fascinating own world of wonderful characters and stories.

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