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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gang of Thieves rock the Rusty Nail, A

This past Martin Luther King Weekend, Burlington based group Gang of Thieves came up to Stowe, VT for a packed show at the Nail.

Despite it being Martin Luther King weekend, these guys drew a large show and rightfully so because they proved to everyone they are one of the best local groups to see in Vermont. Winter means nothing for the people in Stowe and the band, so a chance to go out dancing to some great musicians is always a fun time, especially at a venue like the Rusty Nail.

What's so interesting about Gang of Thieves is that how different they are live then the studio. Even though their studio and music videos highlight the band's funk and reggae side, live, it's a different story.

Live, the band puts on a super high energy show that's one of the best you can see in Vermont. The band cares about their music and loves playing it, and that's what great about it. The best thing about it is you can dance to it, and the Stowe crowd of course proved that this past weekend. However, they weren't as many dancers on the dance floor as Who's Bad at New Years, but there was still enough to show the band that people love to go out and have fun to their music.

Their performance is about pure rock and roll. The band has an almost Led Zeppelin feel to them live, highlighted by vocals from lead singer Michael Reit along with Nick Wood, Sean Kehoe. However, another thing that's just as great as the vocals from this rock group is of course the guitar and bass work that was a highlight throughout the night.

Musically the band plays well as a whole, and the lead guitars really jam out well together.
Gang of Thieves is definitely a force to be reckoned with and well worth it to head out and see them live for a night.

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