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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The XX's new album is a wonderful start to the new year, A

The XX might still be a young band, but their new album, I See You, proves they are not only at the top of their game but one of the best indie rock groups you can listen to today.

I See You is only the XX's third album to date. It's a great collection of new tunes that are perfect representation of who the band are. It's one of, if not their best album to date. I See You is a mixture of electronic, electric and indie goodness that blends in together so well with that the band it's almost shocking. Each one of the songs on the album is great.
The thing that makes The XX stand out more so then other indie bands today is the combination of the two singers. They are a perfect male and female duet that sound great together, and they continue to do so on nearly every one of the songs on I See You.
However, the lead singers aren't the highlight of the band. In fact, with the XX, it's the entire group that's the highlight. The guitar and drum work sound equally impressive as the vocals and flow together greatly on I See You.
Another great thing about the XX is that their music is so different then other bands. It's their own thing, their own world and it expands with I See You. It's an album that lets listeners in on that world, and really connect with it.
I See You isn't one of those albums where the band entirely changes their music. In fact it does just the opposite, it's pure XX. However they do it in a way that fans can truly appreciate because it's as if I See You is a blue print of who they are and what they do.
If your a first time listener to this band, I See You might actually be a good place to start off.
It's a reason to go see them live when they perform at all the big music festivals this summer and their first North American tour in over three years.
The XX are a great new band who have a bright and promising future, because I See You is their best album to date.
Below: On Hold from I See You

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