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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Star Wars is officially back with Rogue One, A

Above: the main cast in 2017's Star Wars Rogue One.
Inspiring director Gareth Edwards does great things with Rogue One, a stand a lone Star Wars flick that earns its own right within the franchise. Above all else, Rogue One signifies that Star Wars is officially back and stronger then ever.

Rogue One is everything a blockbuster Star Wars film should be. There's lovable new characters and a great story line that will wrap everyone involved within it. It's pure block buster magic that future Star Wars works should look up to. Surprisingly, it's just as good if not better then The Force Awakens. Why? Because Rogue One is a Star Wars film but at the same time, works extremely well as it's own entity.

Like The Force Awakens, we're introduced to a new female lead star ; Jyn Erso who hasn't appeared in previous Star Wars flicks. Unlike Ray, it takes a while to warm up to Jyn but once you do she's almost even more likable then the previous new female character. Felicity Jones does an impressive acting job, and Rogue One offers solid acting throughout the film.

What makes Rogue One an impressive Star Wars flick are the lovable space and ground battles that the film is anchored upon. Great action and battle scenes make Rogue One enjoyable to watch to say the least, especially towards the end of the film. The visuals in this film are stunning and a reason to see it in theaters then waiting to wait at home.

Even though the film works as a stand alone film, it really draws into Star Wars mythology and beautifully winds together how the older films came to be. While there are some familiar characters, they only have very brief moments in the film and in this case, that's actually a good thing.
Rogue One is classic Star Wars material, perhaps even more so then The Force Awakens. Godzilla dn Monster director Gareth Edwards does a wonderful job with the film, and most fans of the franchise will be pleased with the outcome.

The film means the franchise is at it's strongest ever, and willing to open up it's arms to even more possibilities in the near future.

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