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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why Blade Runner is the best science fiction film of all time

This year, we're finally being introduced to a sequel to Blade Runner, a mere thirty years or so after it's original release date. Wildfire Reviews explores why this film is the best science fiction film ever made.

When you watch Blade Runner for the first time, it's as if somebody literally put a corkscrew in your brain and started turning it. It's one of those movies that has so many ideas, twists, turns and hidden messages that it's almost impossible to understand it all in your first take watching it. However, after the second or third time, you truly begin to understand why the 1982 film is considered to be by many, even Wildfire Reviews, as the best science fiction film of all time.
Above: Harrison Ford in 1982's Blade Runner
Blade Runner was one of those films that when it came out, it was largely misunderstood for it's time. It was one of Ridley Scott's very first movies as a director, right after Alien. It also had the privilege of staring a young Harrison Ford in one of the best roles of his career so far. Back then, not too many people knew who Ridley Scott was because he had only released one film previously. However, Harrison Ford was a huge household name especially after doing the first Star Wars trilogy.

Despite this, Blade Runner didn't have anywhere near the success as Star Wars did or Harrison Ford's other baby, Indiana Jones.  Hardly anyone actually watched Blade Runner when it was released, it only made a surprising $33 million on a mere $28 million budget.  It was one of those films that came and went and people forgot about it for a while.

However, Blade Runner is a sole example of a film that gets so much better as it ages. Year by year, more and more people began to truly appreciate the movie for what it was, and by the 1990s, the movie gained a huge cult following.

Blade Runner was just so different when it first came out that it might have actually shocked many people who did go to theaters to watch it. Even now when you watch it, the film acts like it was made just yesterday, with amazing special effects and visuals that will make any modern day sci-fi film jealous.
Below: Downtown L.A. in 1982's Blade Runner

Ridley Scott's Blade Runner isn't just another science fiction movie, though. It's the ultimate science fiction film, a perfect example of how mythology and symbolism can be powerful when used correctly.
Another thing that might have scared people off at the time was the overall tone of the movie. Set in a futuristic L.A, the film has a very neo centric lure to it . The haunting music, although perfect for the type of movie it is, may have unsettled some science fiction films that originally went and saw it.
All of these things however, and much more, is why this movie is perhaps the best science fiction film of all time.

The tone of the movie is incredible, completely matching up perfectly with it's set pieces. Speaking of set pieces, this is another reason why Blade Runner is such a masterpiece.
Each set of the film has a mind of it's own. From the very first scene to the last, it's simply beautiful to look at. At the same time, Blade Runner is one of those films you have to pay attention to from beginning to end or you'll be lost in it as quickly as you started it.

Even with paying attention, you won't be able to pick up everything this film has to watch. By the third or fourth time you watch it, you'll finally begin to understand the amazing power it has and why it truly is a masterpiece.
The looks of the film, the set pieces, Harrison Ford's amazing performance and the way Ridley Scott managed to create a new fascinating world is why Blade Runner is the best science fiction movie of all time.
Above all else though, it's the story of the replicas and the movement of the movie is what makes it so spectacular and worthwhile to watch even today. This is what makes Blade Runner pure Science Fiction and what modern day sci fi is all about.
Above: Harrison Ford in 1982's Blade Runner
Even today, there's not really another film like it. You might be able to argue that A.I. Artificial Intelligence might be the only other film similar to it, but even those two movies are so different to each other it's a very vague comparison.
Do yourself a favor this year and watch Blade Runner for yourself. Especially because after thirty years, we're finally being introduced to a sequel to a film. What's amazing is that Harrison Forde, like he did with Star Wars, will be reprising his original roll as well.
Like the first film, Blade Runner 2049 has a stellar cast including newcomer Ryan Gosling. It will be out in theaters this October.
Meanwhile, Blade Runner is available to stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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