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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kat Wright captures Spruce Arts Center, A+

With a sold out show, Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul band captivated the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center last night. The small intimate venue proved to be the perfect place for Kat & her band.

It was clear by the second or third song that everyone in the audience, although it was a sit down show, had the most up right respect for Kat Wright. It was a beautiful feeling being in a Vermont crowd for a Vermont local artist, one that has a no doubt promising future ahead of her. However, it wasn't just Kat that shined last night. It was her entire band, and the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center itself. 

The difference between Kat Wright and Grace Potter, another fellow Vermonter, is that when you go see a Kat Wright show, it's not just about her. In fact, she makes this clearly present throughout the show. She's with the band, and not just any band, but the Indomitable Soul Band behind her. The horn section alone is worth going to see the show for, and Shane Hardimen is pretty impressive on the keys. However, guitarist Bob Wagner was just another highlight of the night when he awed the crowd with several guitar solos.

Kat ended up leaving the stage on one occasion, letting the band carry on without her during the middle part of her show. Surprisingly, they carried the performance extremely well all by themselves.
Kat Wright herself sounded perfect. Her vocals were perfect, surprisingly strong and powerful throughout the entire performance. She hit the notes right on the mark with songs like 'All About You' and 'The River', which itself is an amazing song from the new album and sounded even better live.
Aside from Kat and her band, the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center was the perfect spot for Kat. Even though it was sold out, the crowd barely gave a whisper throughout the night except during inter mission. They were so silent that you could hear every instrument and every vocal cord crystal clear.

Of course, the Art Center's sound is off the charts. It's a perfect place to listen to a group like Kat Wright so you can hear everybody on the stage. The microphone was spot on as well, and Kat Wright's vocals were equal in sound with the rest of the band. The acoustics for the Art Center are perhaps the best in all of Vermont.

Kat Wright played and put everything she had into the performance, literally. She played for a strong 3 hours, playing everything from her old and new records. The set list would satisfy any Kat Wright fan. 
It was a concert well worth going to, one that will hopefully gain more bigger bands to the Arts Center, and especially, a welcome return for Kat in the near future.

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