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Monday, February 20, 2017

Hidden Figures is a must see film, A

Hidden Figures may not be the best film of 2016, but it's entirely great all around from the performances to the story line and direction. Above all else, Janelle Monae steals the film in a heart wrenching performance that will captivate the whole audience.

Newcomer director Ted Melfi, who's first movie was 2014's St. Vincent, does a splendid job with 2016's Hidden Figures. If there was ever a movie to make you want to cheer at the end, or multiple times throughout the the film, it's this one. It's a great film, and although there's not any epic battle scenes or action, it will keep you watching from the very first scene to the last. It's an uplifting story that will make you feel great about watching the film, and you may even learn a thing or two about NASA's early beginnings.

Although it's three leading ladies might be new coming actresses to the scene, they do a wonderful job in the entire movie. Their also joined by a stellar cast which includes Kristen Dunst, Jim Parsons and Kevin Costner in minor rolls. However, these actors are all outshined by Hidden Figures three leading ladies, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer. Henson brilliantly played NASA scientist Katherine Johnson, but the one who really shines in this film is Janelle Monae who's also in 2016's Moonlight. Newcomer actress Monae brings a charming performance to the screen that outshines everyone else in the film, making her someone to keep on eye on in the near future.

The story line in Hidden Figures is what makes the film. It's an interesting and fascinating piece of history that the film is based in, and it makes you almost want to wish you were living in that time and watching the first NASA manned space mission. However, Hidden Figures adds an interesting twist, and it never forgets to tell the segregation part of the story and how African American women were treated in the work force in the early 1960s.

Overall, Hidden Figures is a important movie to see in today's time, and it gives us a new interest in one of the most important times in American History: the space race.

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