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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Legion is visually stunning, A

Continuing the new Golden Age of super heroes, Marvel's Legion is unlike anything they've ever done before. Above all else, the new FX show is beautiful to look at and full of comic book mythology that fans will love.

It may have it's flaws, but Marvel's Legion is the best new T.V. show of 2017. Just when you think oh great, another super hero show, Marvel has done something so unique that it almost doesn't even feel like a comic drama. Yet towards the end, there's so much mythology and hints involved in just the first episode that you know this is pure Marvel. However, Legion is unlike any of Marvel's previous other super hero shows. In fact, it's almost an anti super hero show. 

In that regards, it's similar to Jessica Jones, but to compare the two would be lunacy.  One thing is for sure: you'll be hooked from the very first scene to the last of the first episode. The scenes themselves are so powerful it's almost as if your watching a comic book. No matter what your looking at in the show, it's filled with so much color and imagery that you almost don't need to pay attention to anything else.

But Legion is one of those shows that you actually do have to pay attention to every moment or else you'll be lost by the middle. The script is another highlight of the show, with great writing and direction. The twists and turns just in the first episode make Legion fascinating to watch.  What works best with Legion is everything is in great balance with each other.

There's also some great characters in the new show. Dan Steven brilliantly plays the lead character David to a T, and there's also some fine acting done by the rest of the cast.

The best thing about Legion is how realistic it is. If there were super enhanced people living among us, there's a very good chance they would be placed in mental hospitals like they are on the show. 
Legion is THE show to watch this late winter season, and Marvel fans will love every minute of it. The mythology is great, and although you may be wondering how does this all tie in to Marvel, you'll know for certain by the end of the first episode. Watch it for yourself and experience how great and stunning this new show is.

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