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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Lego Batman movie isn't as good as first, but still good, A

The Lego Batman movie is wonderfully animated and full of the jokes that made solified the first film. However, the film isn't as great as it's predecessor despite trying it's absolute.

What's great about the Lego Batman movie is that it introduces us to a new hero. We all know who Batman is, and the film constantly goes over this aspect, but the way they present him in true Lego fashion is price less. Although there's some minor tie ins to the first film, you almost don't even have to watch it to enjoy yourself with the sequel. The beloved Batman from The Lego Movie has his own film now, and he may just do it better then any of the other characters. 

The highlight of the Lego Batman Movie isn't the animation this time, although it's beautifully done, but it's constant hilarious jokes. The jokes continue from the first film and may even be better with the second one. What's great is although it might be silly and very kid friendly, there's tons of pop cultural, Batman and super hero references throughout the film that adults can relate too. It might be a family orientated film, but it's something both kids and adults can enjoy as well.

You might be asking yourself, oh great, another Batman film and yet again he fights the Joker, but this time it's different. It's Batman done Lego style, and all the wonderful characters of Gotham are represented in true Lego style. It's wonderful to look at in every way, especially the animation.
The animation is another thing that's a highlight of the Lego movies and continues with this one. You never get tired of watching the screen, and once it's over, you want even more.

The Lego Batman movie is a great entry to a new franchise that can produce lovable films for everyone.
The only bad thing about the sequel is that we've seen it all before in the first one, and unfortunately, there's not too much new about it besides the entire Batman aspect.
Will Arnett also does a wonderful voice over as the character, reprising his role from the first film.

Still, it's a wonderful film that must be seen in theaters before anything else. The characters, direction and story line are all great. It's a reminder when us adults were young as well, playing with their own Lego toys, and of course, paying ultimate respect to it's main character, Batman and Gotham City.

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