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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lion is an unforgettable tale, B+

Above: Dev Potel as Saroo in 2016's Lion.
Unlike any of the other Oscar nominated films, Lion is a remarkable story based on true events. Even though half the film is in sub titles, it's still remarkable to watch and amazingly well done.

The thing is about Lion is that although there's similar films in the genre, and it may not be 2016's best picture, it's still a heart warming and memorizing tale that movie goers should watch. Lion is also helped by a remarkable cast, including Nicole Kidman. Kidman doesn't disappoint, playing one of the best roles she's been in in a very long time.

Lion isn't the most perfect film, and by all means there's plenty plot holes and loops that wouldn't make it best of the year. It suffers from a story being told one too many times, and the way the movie is set up is a bit odd as well. It's almost as if Lion is two different films, and it would have been better if the director managed to find a good balance between them.

That being said, it's a remarkable true story, one that doesn't scream Hollywood all over it. You really get the feel of what it was like for the young boy to be lost in India.
Unlike some of the other Oscar films, Lion is actually one of the most heart lifting and joy filled movies you can watch this year. It has a good ending, and it will make you smile and feel good you've seen it.

Above all else though, Nicole Kidman is the star of this film. She's back, and better then ever. It's worth it just to watch for the times she's on screen, because when she is, you truly get to connect with her character. She's a strong contender for this year's best supporting actress.
Although flawed, Lion is still a powerful film and most will be highly entertained by the end of it.

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