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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Best of Film & T.V. of 2016

The week before the Oscars, Wildfire Reviews announces our list of the best movies & T.V. of 2016! Enjoy the list and tell us what you think!

The top 10 Best Pictures of 2016

1) 10 Cloverfield Lane

It's a rare thing that when a sequel comes out, it's better then the original. 10 Cloverfield Lane is not only better then the original, but also is a beautiful horror film from beginning to end. It gives everything fans could hope for and more, making it perhaps the best horror sequel of all time. It also features a tremendous performance by John Goodman.

2) The Jungle Book

There was nothing like the Jungle Book when it was released earlier in 2016. The imagery was enough to make your mouth drop, but the story lines and characters make this one of the best Disney films of all time.

3) Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water brings westerns to a daring new edge. It's a gritty and action filmed film that's wonderful to watch from beginning to end, helped by two great performances from it's lead actors along with Jeff Bridges.

4) Zootopia

Zootopia is not only a beautiful film to look at, but it's message is an important one in today's age. It's a great film that both kids and adults will like and something that will be remembered for years to come.

5) Arrival

No Doubt the best science fiction movie of 2016, Arrival brings interesting ideas to the big screen, helped by an amazing performance by Amy Adams.

6) Manchester By the Sea

Although it might be the most sad film on this list, Manchester By The Sea is in itself a masterpiece. Filled with wonderful performances by everyone involved, Manchester By the Sea is one of those films that proves a point that there doesn't need to be a lot of action to have a great movie.

7) Doctor Strange

This year, Marvel introduced us to an entirely new world with Doctor Strange. The result was an incredible super hero origin story that defies most others in it's genre. Doctor Strange maybe one of the best Marvel films of all time, easily beating out Civil War that came out earlier this year.

8) Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a feel good movie about women making achievements. It will make you cheer for them by the end, and that's always a great thing.

9) La La Land

Even though it might be a musical, La La Land doesn't feel like a musical when you watch it. It's a wonderful story, and you'll be watching it from the first screen to the last because it's so wonderful to look at, especially the performances by its two leading stars.

10) The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys is one of those rare action comedy films that works in multiple ways. Helped by two great performances by Russel Crowe & Ryan Gosling, it's a must see movie for fans of each actor.

Best Performance by a supporting actress in a film 
Janelle Monae-Hidden Figures

Best Performance by a supporting actor
Lucas Hedges-Manchester By the Sea

Best Performance by an Actress in a film
Emma Stone-La La Land

Best Performance by an Actor in a film
John Goodman-10 Cloverfield Lane

Best Director:
Dennis Villeneuve-Arrival

Best Screenplay
Hell or High Water

Best Cinematography

Best Sound Editing

Best Song
Try Everything-Shakira-Zootopia

Best Costumes
La La Land

Best T.V. overall of 2016
Stranger Things

Best New T.V. Show of 2016
Stranger Things

Best Show Returning 
The Flash

Best Performance by an Actor in a T.V. Show
Anthony Hopkins-Westworld

Best Performance by an Actress in a T.V. Show
Winona Ryader-Stranger Things

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