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Friday, February 10, 2017

T Sisters provide sassy sister folk to Burlington with Wood Brothers, A+

Above: The Wood Brothers play at Higher Ground on Monday February 6 2017.
This past Monday night, the Wood Brothers brought their charm to the Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. Equally charming were a group out of Oakland, CA called the T-Sisters who opened up the gig.

It might have been a Monday night in Burlington, but it sure didn't feel like a Monday night. The Higher Ground was a packed sold out show with the infamous Wood Brothers and the T-Sisters. As the crowd began filling in, it was impressive to see how musically enthusiastic people were for the T-Sisters. They had plenty of a warm welcome as people began to dance and cheer for them, almost as much as the Wood Brothers themselves. Both the T-Sisters and Wood Brothers were exceptionally good this past Monday night, proving this might be one of the best tour parings of the year so far. And how can you not disagree with them all being brothers and sisters?

Up first were the T-Sisters. Their chilling and memorizing harmony filled the Higher Ground, and the sound was amazing. You could hear every decimal in their voices. Erika Rachel and Chloe were all exceptionally beautifully, matching their voices with their unique styles of their own. The crowd was exceptionally funny, providing warm and pleasant compliments to the sisters as they each equally sang their own songs through the night. 

"You guys are really excited for a Monday, just wait until you see the Wood Brothers!" proclaimed Erika. 

Hailing from Oakland, The T-Sisters all grew up on music and started singing at a younger age. "Our father is a huge influence for us," Erika Tietjen told Wildfire Reviews in an interview a few days after the show. "But some of our top influences are Stevie Wonder, Mama and the Papas, Joni Mitchell and the Beach Boys". Of course, their own music has it's own unique touch and feel to it. They are an inspiring harmony group that blend in elements of folk and Americana.

Of course, Higher Ground was filled by the time the Wood Brothers came on stage. The Wood Brothers are if nothing else charming, they each bring their own presence onto the field. 
What's most impressive about the Wood Brothers is that each of them can jam for the longest time but sound equally great together as a 3 piece band.

The highlight of the night came when the group came on back stage from their encore and performed The Band's "Ophelia". But perhaps an equally more impressive moment was when the T Sisters were invited on stage and sang with the Brothers for a tune. The singing sounded fantastic.
The T-Sisters join the Wood Brothers on Stage.
One thing unusual but great at the same time is when the Wood Brothers asks everyone to be silent several times throughout the show. When Higher Ground eventually quite down, it was so eerily quiet you could hear a pin drop as the band began playing "Muse."

Over all, nothing was wrong with Monday night's show at Higher Ground, and the show was 2017's best so far. 
Both the T Sisters and Wood Brothers were great in their own ways, providing for a good night out.
All photos done done by Luke Amtry Photography. 
Check out a more detailed interview with the T-Sisters coming up shortly!

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