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Friday, March 3, 2017

Logan is a masterpiece super hero film, A

Even though the violence in Logan is over the top, it's one of if not the best super hero film ever made. It's a beautiful goodbye to both the character and the X-Men films that fans will love for many years to come.

There's almost a western touch to Logan, and that in itself makes it so different and unique then the other X-Men films that it holds its own. Logan is clearly it's own film, but at the same it connects the events of X-Men past to it's current timeline in a wonderful story arc. Above everything else, Hugh Jackman does the best performance of his career as the beloved mutant Wolverine. He truly owns the part from the beginning screen to the last.  He's an easy contender for next year's Oscar race.

There's an obvious western feel to Logan and that's because it's done by director James Mangold, who's done such films as Walk the Line and 3:10 To Yuma. You can really tell his influence on the movie, and surprisingly, it's a beautiful influence that even makes Logan so much better. Surprisingly, Logan is more western then super hero, with wonderful scenes of the mid western United States and Mexico.

That being said, there's plenty X-men touches and references throughout the film that will please fans and make them feel their still watching a Marvel film. Patrick Stewart also makes a return as everyone's favorite bald headed Charles Xavier.
The connection between the both aging Stewart and Jackman in the film is alone worth it to watch the film.

The film is extremely well done, with each scene speaking moments of truth and wonder. It's almost a near perfect movie, and one of the best super hero flicks in recent movie.
The violence in Logan however, is so brutal that it may scare away some die hard Marvel fans. There's almost too much of it in the film and it takes away from the overall impact of the movie. Although most of the violence is necessary, there's some parts where it's just too much. 

The violence is Wolverine though is a unique type of violence. it isn't like violence in most typical films, and not even similar to what was done in Deadpool. It's a violence that's found in many great westerns, and that's another thing that makes Logan truly remarkable.

Logan is all together a truly epic super hero film, one that fans of both the new and old X-Men films will clap and cheer for.

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