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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Head & The Heart Roll through Burlington, B+

This Sunday night, everyone's favorite west coast indie rockers The Head & The Heart performed at the beautiful Flynn Theater in Burlington. The band performed a sweet and personal set that had everyone in the place up and dancing.

It was by far one of the most funniest shows the Flynn Theater has seen in a while. The venue proved to be a good fit for Northwest coasters The Head & The Heart. The rustic and beautiful looking Flynn Theater only seats around 1,000 people. During this past Sunday night, everyone of those 1,000 folks were up out of their seats, singing and dancing to their favorite band. It was magical.

However, the show wasn't perfect. There were some aspects of the show that were a slight turn off, despite the sell out crowd and the high demand for tickets.

The first part being was the band only played for a little over an hour. With someone as great as the Head & The Heart with very dance jammed tunes, one would expect a longer show. However, the band played a mostly average set list that included their hits and a number of tracks off their newer record "Signs of Light".

The band opened with "All We Ever Knew" and continued performing great songs, including "Lost in my Mind" and "Down in the Valley" off their older records.
One of the highlights of the night was when lead singer Josiah Johnson sat down and sang a tune while playing the piano, asking everyone nicely to sit down as well to enjoy the intimate moment.
At the beginning, everyone's favorite star of the band, Charity Rose Thielen sounded a bit off with vocals and violin. However, towards the end of the show, she was spot on, harmonizing perfectly with Johnathon and Johnathon Russell and Josiah. 

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Sunday night's show wasn't the band but the crowd themselves. The crowd clapped, danced and sang to every tune from beginning to end. It was one of the only times int he last few years the Flynn had a standing crowd throughout the entire show.

People left happy and cheering the band's name, despite their short set and average set list.
The best thing about Sunday night's show was the Head and the Heart's light show. It worked extremely well with the small sized Flynn theater, and there were moments where the lights spoke just for themselves.

Aside from that, The Head & The Heart know they are on top of their game and proved it. The Christian indie folk band felt right at home on a Sunday evening at a sold out show in Burlington. 

Below: The Head & The Heart @ Burlington's Flynn Theater, Photos by Higher Ground

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