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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Split is a new thriller Gem, A

You may find it hard to believe given M Night Shyamalan's recent films, but it's a true return to form for the iconic horror director. Above all else, James McAvoy gives a dazzling performance that many will be talking for years to come in 2017's Split.

Let's get this straight. Split isn't like many other horror thriller films out there-in fact, it's unlike anything you've seen in the genre in recent years. It's twisting, dark and moody but at the same brilliant in it's own way. Horror fans won't be disappointed, and it's a constant reminder, of more ways then one, of Shyamalan's older films like The Sixth Sense & Signs. Honestly, for what the film is, Split doesn't really have a lot of flaws, and for that it makes it just not the best horror flick of the year, but one of 2017's better movies so far. 

The reason why Split is so good, is simply because of James McAvoy. He owns the film from the very first scene to the last. And although his character truly is a monster in many ways, you almost have an eerie liking to him because of his brilliance performance. Just to Q you in, he plays a character that has twenty three personalities with a new one that's more terrifying then all the others soon emerging.

It's one of those performances that other actors should look up to. Somehow McAvoy is able to own all of those twenty three personalities perfectly, especially the women that he plays on screen.
But McAvoy isn't the only one that gives us a good performance in Split. The three girls are all fairly pretty new comer actresses that give captivating performances, especially the one as Casey Cooke.
The movie itself is a rare horror gem. It's a true creep show, especially during the middle and ends parts of the films. Unlike other films in its genre, Split is eerie and creepy right from the beginning to the very end. While it might not have a lot of true scares, the scares that come are good ones.

Split is a reminder of M Night Shyamalan's older work. He's back to his old self, and we all know it because Shyamalan not only directed Split, but wrote the screen play as well. You may want to actually catch up some of his earlier films before watching this new one for several reasons, all of which would include giving out spoilers if we told you. 
Split is an enjoyable horror flick that all movie goers would enjoy, and hopefully, it will spark more creative and fun films from director M. Night Shyamalan.

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