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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

John Wick 2 is an entertaining time at the movies, A-

While it may not be as great as the first film, John Wick Chapter 2 is still pure entertainment, proving that Wick is one of today's greatest new action figures in cinema.

Unfortunately, it's been a long while since Keanu Reeves has seen himself in a successful film at the cinema. One can argue it hasn't been since the Matrix films that the star really found anything suitable that fans can enjoy. Well, that has ubdeed changed with John Wick. Reeves is perfect as the revenge filled assassin, and now he's back in Chapter 2. While it may not be as great as the first film, the sequel does what a sequel should do. It's highly entertaining from the first shot to the last, and every part of the movie is pretty damn good, even the ending which opens things up for another film. Dare we say this, but the new John Wick franchise is something action movie goers can for sure sink their teeth in.

What's great about John Wick Chapter 2 is that although it follows along the same path as the first film with Wick getting revenge on those who've wronged him, it's set up a bit differently. It takes place over seas in Rome, which adds an interesting spin on the movies. It also adds a bit of humor to the movies that the first film didn't really focus on.
You might think, Oh great, Keanu Reeves in another action film franchise, didn't we get enough of that in the Matrix?

The John Wick films are completely different then The Matrix. For one, their pure action, with no science fiction involved, which is a good thing. And although they do create their own world like the Matrix, it's a different and good new world that people can get use to and like very quickly.
That world expands in John Wick, Chapter 2. Reeves is better then ever as Wick, and you can even tell he was born to play this roll. The supporting cast makes John Wick 2 enjoyable as well, with most of the actors returning from the first film like Lawrene Fishborne reprising his roll. It's also a good thing to see the two actors together again on screen.

The best thing about John Wick Chapter 2 though are the fight scenes. The film does an amazing job capturing Wick in action whenever he faces off an army of armed gunmen, which is almost the entire movie. Surprisingly, you don't get tired of it either.
Another thing that makes the Wick films different then the Matrix ones is how brutally violent they are, and Chapter 2 takes this to the next level. 
It's also an interesting storyline to the film that makes viewers interested from the beginning. The directing is top notch as well, making Chapter two a solid entree in the John Wick franchise.

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