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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spoon's excellent new album is Hot Thoughts, A-

Even though it may just be ten tracks, Spoon's Hot Thoughts represent the best of who the band is now and it's also a great new record.
Spoon is one of those artists who keeps on releasing great new records one right after the one, and Hot Thoughts doesn't disappoint. While it may not be anything new, the ninth studio album is a solid record and represents the best of who Spoon was, is and will be. The best thing is everyone in the band sounds great, and it's one of those albums you can listen to several times and like it more each time.

There's nothing bad about Hot Thoughts, Each song is classic and good in their own ways from the first track, "Hot Thoughts", to "Us". However, the best song that represents the whole album is their new single, "Can I Sit Next to You". It's a reminder of the old Spoon with catchy guitar riffs and excellent vocals Britt Daniels.

Britt Daniels isn't the only star on the album though. There's some great guitar playing by everyone involved throughout the record.
The new record does sound similar to some of the band's earlier works like Kill the Moonlight and Gimme Fiction, but that's a great thing in itself.

It's hard to imagine Spoon is twenty five years old now, but here they are, still driving along and at a tremendous speed. Hot Thoughts is a clear evidence that Spoon isn't going anyway anytime soon.
They might have a poppy sound, but Spoon is clearly no way a true pop band. Their indie sounds are still dominant more then ever in Hot Thoughts.

The best thing about Hot Tracks is that everything is intact on the record. Fans of the group will be delighted, and they might even get some new ones as well.
Below: the new single from the album:

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