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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Covenant offers some fresh new scares, B+

While it may not be as great as the first two films, Alien: Covenant is still a decent summer block buster. It offers everything that it should, while at the same time wonderfully tying in the events of Prometheus and Alien.

There may not be any well known actors in Covenant besides Michael Fassbender returning as David, but this film doesn't need a perfect cast to cast the tone right. Ridley Scott does that just fine, and really, the highlight of the film is the world it's set in. It's Rogue One of the Alien franchise and for good reason.

In fact, the acting in the movie is nothing compared to Weaver's roll or even Fassbender in Prometheus. That being said, the true stars to the film is the new world that the crew just set upon, and of course, the alien themselves.

It's fine direction by Ridley Scott, and although the film could be better, it does offer some great Alien mythology into the mix. The scenes in the movie are especially well done, especially everything done on the planet as well as within the ship. Despite the film not being as great as the first two Alien films or not even Prometheus, it is still a classic Alien movie and follows it's story line very well.

Another great thing about Covenant are the aliens themselves, which are extremely well done throughout the the movie. In all reality, they are the true stars of the film.

What's most interesting about Covenant is the artificial intelligence aspect of the film. Fassbender still does a great job as David, and the connection between the two robots in Covenant is compelling to stay the least.
Fans of the franchise still won't be disappointed with Covenant. There's plenty of scares in the film as soon as they arrive on the new world.
Covenant is a decent add to the Alien films, and it does offer great connections between Prometheus and the first.
All in all, it's not too bad, it just could have been done a tad bit better. For those interested in the way things go, Covenant is really a sequel to Prometheus and direct prequel to 1979's Alien.

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