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Friday, June 9, 2017

Long Strange Trip is fascinating ; A+

Although it's technically not a T.V. show, Amazon's new documentary about the Grateful Dead is nothing short of amazing. It's one of the best programs you can watch on television right now, even if you're not a fan.
It's not a true series, although Amazon's Long Strange Trip clocks in at around an hour of each six episodes. Within that time, the show beautifully demonstrates everything you need to know about The Grateful Dead. They do it with superb fashion and true passion. You can really tell even by the first episode's ending that the creators are not just Dead Heads, but professionals.

It's easy to get lost in Long Strange Trip. The story lines, conversations with the band and over all feel to it almost resembles the Grateful Dead itself. There's so much knowledge and information you can gain from watching this series that even die hard fans will find something new to admire. The way it's done, filed and set separates Long Strange Trip from other band documentaries. After you finish watching an episode, you want to watch even more. It doesn't feel like a documentary itself but rather a trip into the wonderful world of the Dead.

The best things about Long Strange Trip is that it's thought provoking as ever. After one episode your constantly thinking about the Dead and being part of the band, even though you were never there yourself.
Bob Weir and Bill Kreutzmann both do a wonderful job with story telling and information from their prospectives onto the small screen, really putting the world of the Grateful Dead on display front and center.

And that's the way things should be with the Grateful Dead. Long Strange Trip is one of the best things you can watch right now on any channel. However, in order to view it you have to be a member of Amazon Prime, which is almost worth getting just for this beautifully and well done documentary.

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