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Monday, June 19, 2017

Fleet Foxes new album is captivating, A

With their third studio effort Cracked Up, Fleet Foxes haven't only just released one of the best records of the year so far, but the best of their career.

It's hard to believe that it's been over six years since we've heard from Seattle indie folk group Fleet Foxes. Now they've returned with an exceptional album that's well worth the wait. It's a complete masterpiece of songs lead by powerful vocals from Robin Pecknold and excellent guitar work by Skyler Skelset throughout the record. In Cracked Up, you can tell how hard the entire band is focused, and with this, their work is extremely well paid off.

With a band from Fleet Foxes, you never expect a bad record. It's a group that almost every one can get into because with each record they've released, it's better from the last release. Cracked Up is no exception.

Every song from the first to the last is great, proving that there isn't a bad tune on the album. Each tune is like an orchestra, and you can really tell how complete the music is. There's not a lot of the familiar harmonies we've heard from the last two albums, but this actually makes Cracked Up even better because it really focuses's on Pecknold's vocals, which are on key in every track.

It's hard with an album like Cracked Up to pick your favorite song, but if someone did, Fool's Errand is exceptional. It's a great representation of what the album is like as a whole.
The song writing is also top of the line, showing us that Fleet Foxes are an extremely literate and passionate group.

You could argue that their last two records are almost dimmed down to Cracked Up. Cracked Up is a grand opening to new adventures, new sounds and a new path for the band. It's bigger in every way, and almost is a reminder of a theater production from start to finish.
Fans will love the new record. Cracked Up is proof that Fleet Foxes is one of the best indie bands of the 21st century and still have an extremely bright future ahead of them.
The new single:

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